Platform: PC
Team Size: 8
Role: Producer, Designer, Artist
Time Frame: 8 Months

Before you download you will need a copy of Unreal Tournament 3

Download Mod
FilePlanet Mirror 225mb

The year 2000 Gameshow started as Y2K. Check it out.

Welcome to The Year 2000! Gameshow. Y2K Gameshow is a multiplayer mod that offers an all new gametype, levels, characters, weapons front-end and style. Y2K Gameshow was made for the Make Something Unreal Contest and has full online multiplayer support. We have won an honorable mention in the 'Best non-FPS' category.

Y2K offers the latest in breakthrough weapons technology -- the dynamic Tesla Beam! With it,
contestants generate currents of deadly voltage across to others contestants and Tesla coils; slaughtering anyone caught between.

Y2K offers a twist to classic, boring gameshows with it�s state of the art facilities. It�s a kill or be killed
slaughter fest and mad money dash. Contestants climb each other's corpses to get cash prizes and survive the cruel and unpredictable arena challenges. During play, contestants will constantly race to new rooms with unique settings and rules.

Will you be the next, Y2K Champion?