Platform: PC
Team Size: 9
Role: Producer, Designer, Artist
Time Frame: 10 weeks

Before you download you will need a copy of Unreal Tournament 3

Download Mod 114mb

The year 2000 is a precursor to what later became Y2K Gameshow. Check it out.

The Year 2000 is an action-packed retro sci-fi mod for Unreal Tournament 3 that takes place in the distant year 2000, featuring all new characters, weapons and objectives. Unlike traditional shooters, Y2K offers the latest in breakthrough weapons technology -- the dynamic Tesla Beam! With it, players can generate currents of deadly voltage across to team mates; much to the demise of anyone caught between. In Y2K, humans and robots scrap for resources on barren planets throughout the galaxy, vying for vital minerals in their bid for galactic control. The gameplay of Y2K consists of players gathering ore from a mining facility and racing it back to your base. Not only can you hand deliver the ore to your base, there is a system of conveyor belts on the map used to quickly send it home. Control points on the map will determine which conveyor belts you control. This all leads to players constantly balancing combat, gathering and point control.

In addition to producing and designing the game, 4 of the 8 character models are mine as well as some of the 2d art such as the HUD and poster, instructions and various other pieces of art.

I loved working on this project because I had a great dedicated team. This sort of mod is what I've wanted to do since I entered college and I've finally achieved it in my final year. I also enjoyed producing this game. I was happy to constantly be jumping around, helping team mates with their work and constantly being able to work on any part of the project I felt needed an extra hand.