Platform: PC
Team Size: 5
Time Frame: 3 weeks
Role: Artist

Before you download you may need to install both of these frameworks
.NET Framework 3.5 Redistributable | XNA Framework Redistributable 3.0

Download Demo 38.6mb

Spiral was created in an introductory XNA class. We had three weeks to try and make an arcade style rail shooter.

The premise of the game is that an evil demon is trying to steal your dragon and is sucking you into a vortex whist you battle of his minions. As you fight off more demons and get combos, you are able to slow your assent into the vortex. As it is an arcade style game, the game is based on getting a high score.

I did all of the 3D art and design except for the dragon the player rides on. As well, I did the voice for the demon which was just fun. Here are the small demon models.

This game was really fun to work on because we had something playable within two weeks. We had a really fantastic pipeline thanks to the programmers. I had a really good team and this project showed me what can be achieved when everyone in the group really works well together and respects each other.