Platform: PC
Team Size: 1
Time Frame: 4 months

Before you download you will need a copy of Gears of War for PC
To play this map, run gears and open the console with ` and type "open redwolfrun_p"

Download Mod 12.8mb

Red Wolf Run takes place in the initial years of the Pendulum Wars. Marcus and his squad mate are retreating from a successful operation to find they have lost all contact with the other squads and need to find their APC. To make their escape, they must traverse the ghostly gated community, Red Wolf Run.

This is a single player level created in the gears of war editor. This was my first serious approach to making a fully designed level. This project started as a large group project for a class. Afterwards I really enjoyed working in the Gears universe so much that I decided to gut the project and flesh out my own level.

The biggest challenges were all the random errors and crashes that come from the editor. For instance, all the foliage factories have broken textures which is why all the plants in the game are grey squares. Overall, this project was incredibly challenging and fun and taught me a lot about the Unreal engine which I have since been able to apply to my other UT3 projects.