Platform: PC
Team Size: 1
Time Frame: 6 months
Honors: First Place - Nightlight 07

Ninja Steve vs the World Part 3 was a sort of pet project of mine. I'm a huge fan of beat em ups like River City Ransom. As well I'm a fan of horrible student film projects like Ninja Steve vs the World. I wanted to try and combine my love of 2d brawlers and B movie action into a fun game. I wanted to make co-op a big part of the game too so that added to the mountain I was climbing. As well I was making this game for a student game competition where I wanted to try and prove that an artist can still make a game if he's not trained as a programmer, as long as you pick the right tools.

In Ninja Steve you control Ninja Steve as he is lured to his school building where he finds that each floor has be invaded by enemies of his past. He must brawl his way to the top of the building to figure out who's behind this scheme and if he's going to be late to class.

This game was made for Nightlight, a student game development competition at DePaul University. The contest is run by DeFrag, the gaming community at DePaul, and is judged by industry professionals.

I learned an awful lot from this project. First off, although I love sprite art, 3D is very appealing since this game. I would spend upwards of 30 hours just getting the basic 60ish frames done for each unique character in a game that was planning to have like 20 characters. Also that although it's fun to try and do something solo, it's really hard. Working with a team is just much before for your moral since you see the game growing even when you aren't touching it.

Although the main system of the game is present I had to stop production on this game after two years to move on to better projects. I really like what I managed to create though. I hope to come back to this game some day with a team, probably for XNA or something.

I really put my heart into this one.