Platform: PC
Team Size: 7
Time Frame: 26 hours
Role: Producer, Designer

This version REQUIRES 4 Xbox 360 controllers in order to continue.
You will not be able to play it yet with less than the 4 required controllers.

The XNA 3.1 redistributable is required to play.

Download Demo 58.37mb

Compete against your friends in collecting treasure pieces and outing the possesed player. Guess correctly or collect lots of treasures to gain the most points to win!

This game was the winner of the Chicago Chapter Game Jam 10. The Global Game Jam is a game development event run by the IGDA. For more details check out the website.

Game Jam is a 2 day game development challenge where you and a small team must make a game from scratch according to a theme announced at the event. The theme this year was "Deception." I think...

The way the games works is that 3 players are trying to score points by collecting and stealing parts of a token. When you collect a full token, you get points.

The twist, is that one player is playing with a different set of rules. The possesed character is evil and only mimics the actions of the other players. They are actually running around killing players and planting traps. At the end of the round, the killer gets points based on who found him out.

It was really fun to come up with an asymmetrical design for this game. The end result is a little buggy since it was dont in 26 hours, but I hope to revisit the idea in a polished product.