Platform: PC
Team Size: 6
Time Frame: 26 hours
Role: Producer, Designer

Download Demo 21.38mb

You're Killing Me appears at first to be a typical platformer. But as you proceed to play, mysterious messages appear in the game world; a cry for help. You actions as a player are destroying the game. The only way to save the game it is to let it strive, making the world in front of you grow more challenging and impassible. Can you peacefully co-exist with a game that was designed to oppose you?

Collect CDs to save the game's AI and make the world harder.
Kill enemies to destroy the AI and make levels easier.

This game was the winner of the Chicago Chapter Game Jam 11 "peer choice" award. The Global Game Jam is a game development event run by the IGDA. For more details check out the website.

Game Jam is a 2 day game development challenge where you and a small team must make a game from scratch according to a theme announced at the event. The theme this year was "Extinction."

The idea being that as you successfully play "this typical platformer," you are killing the AI program that runs it. You can choose to avoid killing the enemies and save the AI but as you do so, the game gets harder and harder as the AI grows stronger.

This game came out fairly buggy, hope you can still enjoy it for a minute or two! The Hats might end up making a polished version of this if I can convince someone it's a good idea.

UPDATE: I cannot.