Platform: PC
Team Size: 4
Time Frame: 3 months
Role: 3D Artist, Level Designer
Honors: Second Place - Nightlight 08

Focal Point was created around the idea that we could make an XNA game that used the wiimote. Our great programmer made controls for a Bluetooth wiimote that would simulate aiming and focusing a magnifying glass for the game.

The premise of the game is that you control a giant magnifying glass that grows in power as you use it. You start by burning ants and work you way up to burning down buildings. It has a very Katamri Damacy feel to it.

This game was made for Nightlight, a student game development competition at DePaul University. The contest is run by DeFrag, the gaming community at DePaul, and is judged by industry professionals.

I joined the game team late in it's development and created all the models in game as well as created the level layout for the game.

What I learned from this project is that making a simple and gratifying game is really rewarding. Watching the judges play the game was a great experience for me. They gave us lots of great feedback on how we could expand the fun and challenge in the game that I would love to apply to future games.