Platform: PC
Team Size: 7
Role: Designer, Artist
Time Frame: 2 days
Honors: First Place - Chicago Global Game Jam 09

Before you download you may need to install both of these frameworks
.NET Framework 3.5 Redistributable | XNA Framework Redistributable 3.0

Download Demo 27.2mb

In addition to making a working game, we made a rough level editor which is included.

This game was the winner of the Chicago Chapter Game Jam 09. The Global Game Jam is a game development event run by the IGDA. For more details check out the website.

Game Jam is a 2 day game development challenge where you and a small team must make a game from scratch according to a theme announced at the event. The theme this year was "As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems." It also had to incorporate light, reduced or slippery. So our team made a cooperative game where both players have to "paint" the path for their teammate to proceed, forcing team work and lots of meta gaming "trouble." The characters are black and white and can only pass on certain types of terrain that the players can influence.

The main focus of the game was to make something easily achievable in one night and expand on the idea if we had time. Arguably the reason our game won was because of the simple yet emergent and enjoyable gameplay. And as expected we barely met the deadline and had little time to expand on the idea as planned.

An interesting element of our team was that two of the people whom joined the team had never worked on games before. At first we suspected this could be a bit of a handicap for our team but we managed to create a workflow that allowed them to design levels well in advance of our system working and eventually made a level editor so they could plug in their designs easily.