Platform: PC
Team Size: 3
Role: Producer, Designer, Artist
Time Frame: 3 months
Honors: First Place - Nightlight 09

Before you download you may need to install both of these frameworks
.NET Framework 3.5 Redistributable | XNA Framework Redistributable 3.0

Download Demo 32mb

Clean Kill is the game where you are the up and coming mysterious Rainy Day Murderer. Your goal is to gain fame in the underworld by committing the most heinous of crimes against unsuspecting civilians. Your role is to clean up after the unfortunately messy act or murder. After each murder there will be evidence that needs cleaning. You must erase all signs of conflict from the scene and return the room to a pristine state. After all, it's what a polite guest would do.

This game was made for Nightlight, a student game development competition at DePaul University. The contest is run by DeFrag, the gaming community at DePaul, and was judged by industry professionals.