Here are the character models I made for the UT3 mod The Year 2000! I created these
under a retro sci-fi theme and took them from concept to motion.


This head was texture from 10 shots of
a real person and pieced together in
Photoshop. Lit and rendered in Maya.
The model was provided to me and
tweaked to fit the reference model.

Models I did for the game Clean Kill. I took these from concept to motion.
I Also managed to rig these characters up with motion capture data for
the game which is totally awesome.


This obligatory fruit bowl was textured and lit in Maya. The models were provided to me.


Metal Gear Rex, from Metal Gear Solid, was the second model I made in Maya and was
exported into the Unreal engine. Unfortunately since unreal doesn't have any bipedal tank
code, I had to make it a hover tank and ultimately it was pretty lame to drive. But it was
neat to look at.


This is the steampunk magnifying glass model from Focal Point, a student made game for a
contest at DePaul. The design for this model came from the idea that I wanted to keep all the
user interface as close the the gameplay as possible so I came up with the idea of a
magnifying glass that would show the user the focus and head of the object they were
burning. You can see the game this is used in on the games page HERE.

A bundle of low poly demons I had to slap together in 2 weeks for an XNA game.

This is a quick and simple render of the geometry from the staircase here in Chicago's
Grant Park. After recreating this his from a real life source I realized how much I respect
architects because it's not as easy for them to hit undo when they mess up.