Those Who Can't was the team name for some of my favorite professors at a game
competition at DePaul. I decided to draw the two animation professors in a steam-punk,
wild-west sort of style and hang wanted posters for them all over the school.


This was a poster I whipped up in one day for a UT3 mod class. The game has
a retro sci-fi style to it and this poster is a homage to a classic Barbarella poster.


This is the cover I made for an old self published comic I drew back in high school.

These are some shirt designs I made for a shirt contest. My hope was making
a line or shirts would increase my odds.

Playing games always makes me want to make comics about them and their odd
characters. So sometimes I do.

DePaul has a charity where we collect and donate video games and equipment to
children's hospitals. I designed this logo for it, inspired by the pip boy style from fallout.

This was the intro to one of the first student games I attempted to make back in 07. The project didn't come to any fruition but I did make this silly intro movie voiced by yours truly.

A friend of mine wanted me to make her some art of herself because she was
horribly vain. I of course didn't mind and proceeded to make this picture.